Wet Bandit Audio

Recording, Music Production, Audio Engineering

Wet Bandit Audio, LLC is a recording, engineering and producing business based in Nashville, TN owned and operated by Ben Mercer. Wet Bandit's mission is to supply artists and clients with a comfortable, professional and precise recording experience. 


1x RCA 77dx

2x Oktava MK012 (stereo pair)

1x Lewitt 540

1x Shure SM7b

1x Superlux R102 Ribbon mic

1x MXL 990

1x AEA R92

1x AKG D112

1x EV N/D 308

1x MCA SP1

1x Shure Green Bullet

2x Shure Beta 52

1x Audio Technica AT2020

3x Audix om5

10xShure SM57


16x Antelope Audio

Shure SE 30

2x Joe Meek

Digitech VTP-1

Sony SRA 3

Art MPA Gold

Art tps II

2x Presonus Tube Pre

Art Studio Tube Pre


Joe Meek VC1

Art Levelar

Art Pro VLA II

Tape Machines:

Tascam 388

Audio Technica rmx-64


Pro tools 11


Slate Bundle

Izotope 7


And many others...